A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe - Part 1 Preface

A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe - Part 1 Preface

Welcome Dear Readers,

There are no television series about the Mad Men (and women) of the seemingly less glamorous relatives within the marketing family, as Field Marketers busy themselves not only with creative ideas, but with the practical implementation of ideas which requires attention to lots of details and interdisciplinary expertise.

As the stories of Field Marketing are not just told on a single Madison Avenue, but at millions of retail sites at once, they do have a common and harmonized narrative, yet are manifold and personalized, which becomes a challenge for re-telling and research.

This probably explains why most initiatives to define and charter Field Marketing have been pushed by Field Marketing professionals themselves (as is the cause with this paper) rather than Field Marketing establishing itself as a topic of interest and research in academia.

In the past 15 years, Field Marketing agencies have built international multi-country business entities, Field Marketing clients — at least on local levels — have come to embrace Field Marketing for long-term strategic solutions, Field Marketing services and how they are delivered

have significantly evolved. So we thought it about time for a survey and paper on this interdisciplinary, interconnecting, international, and still invisible discipline.

Our thanks go to everybody who contributed, by being available for discussion, and extra special thanks go to all the colleagues in Field Marketing agencies who took the time to participate in the online survey.

We hope you will find helpful information, insights and inspiration, and are looking forward to any of your questions and suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah S. Auer

Managing Director COMBERA GROUP



Field Marketing in Europe is a billion Euro industry. Until now, its size and importance are only known to the initiated, mostly the people who operate in Field Marketing. What the average marketer knows about what Field Marketing is and does, is very little. The three papers derived from a study of Field Marketing across Europe aim to grant a helping hand in this state of affairs.

Every part of this upcoming trilogy deals with a different aspect or topic and can be read and used consecutively as well as stand-alone: