A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe - Part 1.2

A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe - Part 1.2

Field Marketing Solutions


Field Marketing is about availability: ensuring that the right product or service (and visibility/promotion material) is available in right amounts at the right place(s) at the right time. Depending on channel or channel structure this is achieved by sales and merchandising activities or a combination of both including the education of store staff.


Field Marketing is about activation: promoting a product or service in the right channel to the relevant target group in order to support sell-out. This is achieved by samplings of flyers or products, tastings, demonstrations, and offering promotional savings or educating shoppers, either in-store, via retailer car-park events or high-traffic (event) locations.


Field Marketing is about engagement with a brand or service on the customer side (customer in this case can be store staff as well as consumers), making a brand or product tangible, providing information/education, creating an experience by interaction, with the purpose of store staff and/or consumers sharing this experience with others. This is achieved through experiential as well as training/education activities.


Field Marketing is about insights into on-site implementation: blending data collection with mystery shopping, pilots, trials, and test scenarios, as well as analysis and consulting, Field Marketing provides insights into operational as well as business intelligence.


Field Marketing provides availability, activation, engagement, implementation insights for/with a brand (manufacturer or retail), product or service via F2F interconnection at all relevant touchpoints of the product-/brand-/or shopper journey, following a structured business process, customized as well as both flexible and scaled to its clients’ needs and clients’ structures, using measurement tools for continuous operational optimization and analytical insights for further evolvement. Field Marketing is delivered as Business Process as a Service regardless of whether applied as a tactical or strategical action.