A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 6

A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 6

Local Labour Law: Employment Forms Defining Field Set-Up and Costs

Part of the profession of Field Marketing is to be an adviser to clients in determining the best form of employment to be chosen for a service or an activity. This means, providing a motivating (remuneration and security/predictability-wise) employment form to the field force and at the same time providing clients with maximum flexibility and best price, all grounded within the frame work of local labour law.

Labour laws are entirely local and differ hugely from country to country6.

The online-survey touches upon the surface of legal employment forms and most common or typical employment forms per service type, it is however not looking at the dimension of time/length of activity. Therefore the resulting answers show a mixture of employment forms as in general available options.

Recommendations and final decisions need always be made on a by case-basis.


6 A comparison across regions offers no insights.