A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 5

A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 5

Retailers’ Influence on Executing Field Marketing: Who Is Allowed In-Store

How do retailers influence the execution of Field Marketing? Are approvals or special agreements needed to be able to work in certain channels or retail chains?

Apart from challenges and adaptions coming through the digital transformation of retail, which influence Field Marketing and which we will check upon in a later chapter of this survey, there is also a potential restriction by retailers executing “domestic authority” (i.e. retailers allowing activities in-store not at all, only at certain times, or only by providers of their choice/selection).

Already in the “soft” question concerning rather channels than chains, there are limitations visible to who can provide services in-store. Highest restriction can be found in the Consumer Electronics channel.

Adding the dimension of retail chains/banners the limitations grow. However there are differences across the channels in general and especially in different regions and territories.

Most restrictive region for grocery is Eastern Europe—being dominated by international retailers restricting access to their stores—with 54% saying retailers grant exclusive approval to agencies.

In DIY and CE it’s Northern Europe facing the biggest restrictions, 57% of DIY chains grant exclusivity, as do 57% of Consumer Electronics chains.

These restrictions and limitations have a double-edge, in case of being an approved supplier this provides an edge against competitors and might even lead to winning additional clients from the manufacturers side, while having no approval reduces these options. From the perspective of manufacturers this type of inhibitions have never stood the test of time, regardless at what market one looks at, and during the course of time restrictions were always lessened or completely revoked.