A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 4

A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II - 4

Inside/Outside Competition

Inside: competition among local Field Marketing agencies

This topic was split into two questions: “What do your (local) competitors do especially
well?” plus “What do you consider your USP vs. competition?” Both questions basically are
about values2 (considered and delivered).

Combining the answers to both questions, the following list comes up:
• Quality of people, quality of training
• Reach (nation-wide, within an industry sector, inspiration from international)
• Relationship management with clients
• Client base (cross category experience plus syndicated3 services)
• Tools (databases, training academies, reporting and analysis)
• Number of services offered
• Quality of service in general, Business Process as a Service
• Pricing and costs are mentioned, but significantly less often than the above mentioned
qualitative factors

Outside: new players are coming into Field Marketing

As Field Marketing agencies do step into new fields or disciplines, it was only fair to ask
whether Field Marketers experience the entry of new competitors outside of Field Marketing
into Field Marketing disciplines.
There is no general trend or development to be seen across Europe, but rather local phenomena
and challenges.

• Sales Forces:
With 12 mentions of competitors outside of Field Marketing, nine of these are HR solution
providers like i.e. Adecco or Randstadt. These appear most often when a service
is provided to a retailer, and from a regional perspective they appear in Norway,
Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain/Portugal and Switzerland.
Other competitors are student associations (one mention) or insourcing (only
mentioned once).

• Merchandising
There are 13 mentions of competitors outside of Field Marketing, again 10 are HR solution
providers (same criteria as above qualify), one mention is crowdsourcing, one
mention is visual merchandising companies stepping into rack-jobbing (Slovenia) and
one mention is originally retail-owned organisations expanding their service to other
retailers (Romania).

• Promotion
There are nine mentions, HR solution providers just appear once, the other mentions
are a move from typical event agencies providing hostesses (two mentions),
new sub-divisions from classic above the line or digital agencies stepping into promotion
(three mentions), youth-marketing agencies (once). Two thirds of these mentions
appear in CEE.

• Auditing
There’s five mentions, and all of them are crowdsourcing companies, countries afflicted
are Germany, Netherlands, Poland, France and Italy.

• Other Services
There’s 5 mentions and depending what other services are provided by the Field
Marketing agency the competition comes again from facility management (Norway),
classical ATL agencies jumping into shopper marketing (two mentions), or software/
reporting tool providers (as competition in analytics/consulting).

The vast majority of countries, agencies, and services are pretty resilient to threats from
outside of field marketing.

Rather more challenging seem to be restrictions from retailers’ side.

2 These two questions generated the lowest number of responses. The majority of those responding tried not to be derogative
concerning competitors, but actually looked at own gaps.
3 Same service delivered to various clients at the same time at the same place as opposed to exclusive tasks.